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TOP Fitness
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Adult Fitness

Adult Fitness

Our Adult training program is centered around these physical and educational components:

  • Self Massage & Flexibility - methods to restore and maintain healthy function of soft-tissue.
  • Corrective Exercises - isolated and integrated methods to improve static and dynamic posture of muscles and the bodies kintetic chain.
  • Active Warm-Up - dynamic execrises used to improve the bodies core temperature and elasticity of the soft tissue further preparing the body for strength and metabolic work. 
  • Strength Training - functional strength for upper & lower body and core. 
  • Conditioning - progressive and systematic approach to improve work capacity.

Our goal is to reduce the potential for injury for our clients. Our proactive approach will place an emphasis on:

  • Mobility of the ankle, hip, and thoracic spine
  • Stability of the knee, back, and shoulder

Adult Fitn Programs

ProgramLocationDatesTime SlotsPrice

Spring 2020

Adult Fitness (2 Day - M/W) Details
6 athletes only
TOP Fitness Mar 16 to Jun 10, 2020M, W: 6:00am, 7:00am, 9:00am, 6:45pm
Adult Fitness (2 Days - T/Th) Details
6 athletes only
TOP Fitness Mar 17 to Jun 11, 2020Tu, Th: 7:30am, 6:45pm

Summer 2020

Adult Fitness (2 Day - M/W - 11 Weeks) Details
6 athletes only
TOP Fitness Jun 15 to Aug 26, 2020M, W: 6:00am, 6:45pm
Adult Fitness (2 Days - T/Th - 11 Weeks) Details
6 athletes only
TOP Fitness Jun 16 to Aug 27, 2020Tu, Th: 7:30am
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