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Amherst native Chelsea Larive refreshed after studying abroad

Saturday, April 20, 2013, 12:57AM

Nothing rekindles a passion for a sport like a few months away. Fortunately, for Bentley University junior lacrosse standout Chelsea Larivee, of Amherst, those few months away were spent studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

While her teammates were doing their fall workouts and attending team meetings, Larivee was touring Europe most weekends, visiting London, Switzerland, Austria and Spain, among other destinations. She spent an Oktoberfest weekend in Germany.

She brought along her lacrosse stick for individual skill sessions, earning strange looks from Italians unfamiliar with the predominantly North American sport.

When Larivee returned to the United States, she knew she needed to do a little catching up physically, so she spent four days a week during the holiday break working out with Scott Prunier at Top Fitness in Nashua.

“It was a nice break, because I really hadn’t put my stick down since I started playing in the sixth grade,’’ Larivee said. “It also reminded me of how much I love the sport.

“My coach wanted me to spend time in the off-season on foot work, and Scott was able to get me going.’’

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